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transitional object

One Precious Piece of
Art and Life

Reflecting the ongoing dance of life,

of birth, of death, of joy, of innocence, of colors;

the contradicting shapes, materials and lines

moving in endless ways to come

together as one. 

Each creation is a journey in and out, from a dot to a line. 

from the micro to the macro and vice versa.

Each piece endures precious moments of life, of expressions, senses, consciousness, and subconscious experiences of the cosmic world and path in evry Here and Now. 

Each creation is a

One Precious Piece of Art and Life.

Fine Art Work

Analogue V.Jing
Live visual performance of music painting and dance

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Kfar Yassif |Haifa | Israel

+972 (0)54 800 5039

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