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All my deep artistic fields of interest and services I provide for this world and whoever seeks learning and developing through the fine languages of arts.


Visualizing Sound through color and movement. 

A Live performance of analogue visuals. The music is the guide. My soul ,through brushes, translates it on huge fabrics. The longer the journey, the deeper it reflects the endless combined lines of sound and rhythm. Endless as life is. 




Free expression of a heart, soul, and life, forming my narrative, story, and history. Free flow of hands, brushes, and colors. Various are the surfaces, from fabric, wood, canvas, and any object in the surrounding cosmos. 



Free flow of a heart, soul, and mind. Free flow of lines and hands production. Materials vary from powder, liquid, and solid. 



Free hand and needle on body as canvas


SCM project

Live dialogue of Sound, Color and Movement workshop and interactive art for public and community development.


Handmade and customized products and designs - various materials

Free flow with various materials. Producing wide range of handmade and customized products and pieces of art and life. Somme are for fine and pure beauty, some are functionall as well, and others are conceptual too. 


SSD - art installations and art deco

Soul and spirit design. I use my free hand, soul, body, and mind flow within the space. The whole space is to become a one artistic harmonic and dynamic unite. Based on green living and recycling. Treating each detail with much care and love. Bringing the objects speaking and harmony together. A love and light space. drwaing and painting the space with colors and materials, from 2DM to 5DM.

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