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How do I see, use and apply colors on diverse surfaces of life?

"Transitional Object" - the time my soul was seeking light and shores to land on and sail again, with new perspective and shine.
"Transetional Object" - Acrylics on canvas- 30cm x 30cm

Colors are one of the major mediums I use to express my inner and outer world.

There is no right or wrong in color combinations.

There is no beautiful or less beautiful color.

It is endless as everything around.

Endless are the ways I may express, use and combine any color. I can use colors the way I like and feel. A color is a personal choice too. What does a certain color mean to me? It is dynamic, I have no rule, but feelings.

When I combine certain colors; I do it with no prior planning, I feel it the moment I have the color in hand.

At times I feel less related to some combinations, it does not mean there must be something wrong. It means, I am exposed to new way that is not common to my see and feel.

At times of no connection; I try see what is in there that is making me feel less related to what I see. Is it the colors? The way they are applied? Or maybe the percentage of each color on certain surface? And on and on. I try lo

ok beyond what my eyes see, I try feel beyond what my heart feels, I try seek the soul and spirit behind each step in the here and now. When painting I follow the natural flow, I feel the moment and what is in and out there. It is my time with myself, it is me speaking now, to the outside world in a language I master no master, no master is a master, and a master is his own master. And yes, I do master my own way best.

I see and perceive, react to all senses through all senses… those are life lessons that I put in there… spontaneously as if… I use my body, mind and soul… to bring the beauty, the dark and all contradictions, conscious or not, to the outside… giving a birth to a new journey and flow of the Here and Now… a never ending one… an endless one.

Layers! Transparent or not, light or dark, straight or round, dot or point… I never erase any single detail that I put on surface, it is already born, I can keep it all, I stand behind what I produce and show.

The Outcome can wear so many images, shapes, lines, circles, colors, materials, layers, minimal, etc. They are all me, they come all out of one source, Me, Myself and I.


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