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Artist Statement

The soul and spirit of my art expressins and life path

The expression of my art aims to reflect and bring to surface the eternal bonding between human beings as a one breathing unit forming our universe, and as a separate unique spirit in body, mind, and soul. Touching the very components forming a person’s “world” and identity, joining the global call for breaking the categorical imposed molds upon birth on each human being. Calling for open human pure connection regardless of common definitions and categorizing of people while sustaining the cultural, sub-cultural and global richness and diversity of mother nature.

Colors of diverse material; acrylics, inks, watercolors, oils, pastels…etc., will find their way on my canvas, speaking in harmony through the different languages and mediums of art and life, believing in its power and magic to narrow and merge all gaps blocking the pure natural connection to the other human outside of our own selves.

My brush can be a pen, pencil, needle, or any expression tool, My “Canvas” can be any object, material or surface such as canvas, human body, textile, wood, transparent fabrics, steel, nature…etc., still, the identity is one, an identity that developed through years, with life experience and research in the different and various components of a human identity in body, mind and soul in every here and now.

My art is based on pure free flow of hands and soul. Style is organic, visionary, minimal, surreal, real, flowing, breathing, lines, geometry, circles, endless, progressive, ongoing, floating, deep, ambient, transforming, fusion and dynamic.



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