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The Academy for Art & Life

Welcome to a world full of colors, music, movement and life.


"Life is a journey to explore, to live, to learn, to grow through, to develop and pass on to new generations. 

We are the messengers of light and love." 

Alhan J. A 2014 

SCM project & workshop

The Start 

Since 2012, more resources and efforts are invested in developing and establishing the “Academy for Art and Life”– a developing experimental platform, researching the power of the expressive languages of fine arts, music, visual arts and movement/dance, in generating positive energy within each human soul, resulting in a well balanced, healthy and a harmonious individual- collective living, as a way and an approach in life for life. 

Soul and spirit 

The Academy, in its Soul and Spirit, endures precious pieces forming and shaping its vision and way; based on a personal life experience that is rich, colorful and challenging in its varying circles of life and way. A life Journey, a story and history of the ongoing consciousness of the here and now. 

The space 

The Academy is a space and a place for pure creativity and fine arts, a studio, a gallery, a space for learning, growing, for workshops, music and dance, for self-empowerment and healing on the personal, communal and social levels, a space for education and sharing life experiences, a space to grow and to dare take the full journey in life. 

In service of inner vs. outer balance and harmony 

The running and emerging projects aim to serve the Academy’s humanistic approach and vision; in empowering the nonverbal languages of the Spirit and Soul, through the expressive languages of arts, in service of education for inner and outer peace, inner and outer respect, inner and outer acceptance, inner and outer balance, inner and outer love of thy spirit and soul. 

I dream 

To establish a house and a home for abandoned children and youth. To teach them the language of colors, of love, of diversity, of humanity and life. To grow more and more messengers of color and light within our cosmos and life.

To dream is one thing, but carrying it out is different. All I know is that my energies, life, way and soul are directed towards achieving this dream.

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