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Analogue V.J

The Music is my guide, I take the journey with the brush on the many meters of running fabric surfaces. I seek light and love music that heals and awakens the spirit and soul. Looking for long hours of ongoing journeys to visualize on fabric or canvas or any surface. it is a live dialogue of music. color and movement. Each creation has many musical journeys, beats, rhythms and more. reflecting the colorful deep life, it embraces within. 

Since 2013 I seek the best music. My brush and colors are my lead, it takes me and connects me to alike spirits. combining our art and hearts to bring this light out to the world and cosmos.  The Performance is an exhibition as well of previous art pieces, holding same life concept and identity. The new piece adds to the growing colllection of this story and approach in life.


It is a live ongoing technique that developed with years. and now it is a live performance that is growing into beautiful realities and times.

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